Precious Eyebrow - Organic

This Precious Eyebrow tea originates from Zhejiang Province in China. Also known as Chunmee, it is the most popular green tea in China, consumed by millions every day. The eyebrow-shaped, gently rolled green leaves yield a pleasantly aromatic. 

Ingredients: Chunmee Green Tea

  • Cup Characteriscs:  Full bodied, delicate flavour with smoky - toasty notes and a mellow plum like character.

  • Type: Premium Chun Mee Green Tea
    Product of: China
    Region: Zhejiang Province
    Shipping Port: Shanghai
    Grade: 41022A
    Infusion Color: Light Yellow

Serving: 1-2  tsp | Temperature: 78-88 Degrees | Steep Time: 2-3 mins
*Caffeine  | *Organic