How To make Southern Sweet Tea using loose leaf black Tea.

How To Make Southern Sweet Tea - Here's how to make a batch everyone will enjoy!

Here's how to make a batch everyone will enjoy!

I use decaffeinated black tea so I can drink this divine Southern black tea all day and have no caffeine buzz that keeps me awake. But don't hesitate to use a traditional black tea with caffeine if that's what you like.

And of course this recipe is a guideline. You can most certainly alter to your own tastebuds! Example: less sugar, more sugar, less lemon, more lemon, stronger, weaker! 

Recipe makes 10 cups
10 cups of cold water
10 tsp organic sugar cane
10 tsp of Irish Breakfast Decaf loose leaf black tea
 1/4 cup of lemon juice( fresh lemon or from concentrate)

Boil water 100/212 degrees

Place 10 tsp of loose leaf black tea or 10 tea bags in a glass measuring cup. 
Pour 1 cup of  boiled water into measuring cup with loose leaf tea. Steep for 5 mins.
While tea is steeping, put 10 tsp of organic cane sugar(or whatever sweeter you like) into glass pitcher.

When the tea is finished steeping, pour that tea concentrate into the glass pitcher with sugar. Be sure to use a strainer when you do this as you don't want any tea leaves in your finished product. Mix well.

Now is the time to add your 1/4 cup of lemon juice. Mix well and add a few lemon slice for additional flavour and well it just looks real pretty.

Voila...Its just that easy!




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