Welcome to The Tea & Spice Shoppe

We are a small, family business based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. As a Albertan-owned & operated business, we specialize in providing premium loose leaf teas, spices, herbs, & seasonings across Canada since 2012.

Why Tea & Spice? Simple. We believe they're a World Wonder. After you join our Family Shoppe, we're confident you'll believe they are too.

Loose Leaf Tea

We carry over 200 varieties sourced from renowned tea gardens around the world. With Assams, Darjeelings, Sencha, Honeybush, Spicy Chai, Chamomile & more, we have an experience everyone will enjoy. Making all the benefits of drinking loose leaf tea that much sweeter.

Herbs & Seasonings

We carry over 175 herbs & seasonings sourced from premium and artisanal suppliers. With Thyme, Saigon Cinnamon, Chipotle Chili Powder, Jamaican Jerk, St. Laurent Steak Spice, White Peppercorns & more, we have all your baking, barbecuing & other culinary ventures.

  • When You Shoppe With Us, It's Personal

    We’re a Family Shoppe that cares about your experience with us. Proof? See for yourself. We package your order ourselves & handwrite your thank you letter.

  • Small Batch, Always Fresh

    We order in small batches & package products as orders come. A low inventory means we miss out on sales, but the ability to always pack you fresh product is worth it.

  • We're Passionate About Tea & Spice

    Why? From the memories they remind you of, the destinations they transport you to, and the journeys they inspire you to take. Tea & Spice are an experience we love to share.

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Are There Benefits to Tea?

Where do we begin?

First, loose leaf tea is rich in antioxidants, which can help protect the body from harmful free radicals & promote overall health.

Second, many types of loose leaf tea like green tea contain compounds called catechins and polyphenols, which are associated with various health benefits, including improved heart health and boosted immune function.

Third, the ritual of preparing and enjoying loose leaf tea can promote relaxation and mindfulness, offering a moment of calm in a busy day.

Does Tea Have Caffeine?

All true tea, that's tea containing leaves from the Camellia sinensis plant, has caffeine. Black, Green, Oolong, & White teas all contain caffeine, but to varying levels. Generally black tea contains half the caffeine typically found in a cup of coffee, while green tea has roughly a quarter. Caffeine-levels in oolong teas vary depending on how they're processed but can contain as much as black tea or as little as green. White teas generally have less caffeine than green. Fruit, Herbal, and Rooibos-based teas are caffeine-free.

What Has More Caffeine? Coffee or Tea?

This depends on the on the type of tea & coffee beans and how they're processed as well as the way the beverage is brewed but in general tea has much less caffeine per cup than coffee. Tea also contains a compound called L-theanine which interacts with caffeine and causes it to be released slower into your system. This results in an even caffeine boost throughout the day without the afternoon crash.

$4 Shipping Coupon Program

The Tea & Spice Shoppe ships across Canada! We offer an economical flat-rate shipping fee of $14, though some exceptions will apply to remote parts of Canada.

But if you leave a review for one of our products, you'll automatically receive a coupon for $10 off of your next order. Just rinse & repeat and shipping will always be $4.