About Us

Welcome to the Tea & Spice Shoppe. We are a small, family business based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. As a Albertan-owned & operated business, we specialize in providing premium loose leaf teas, spices, herbs, & seasonings across Canada since 2012.

Why Tea & Spice? Simple. We believe they're a World Wonder. Think about it ...

Their colours brighten the rainiest days, their aromas warm the coldest months, and their flavors raise our spirits in a moment’s notice.

And yet, their greatest gift isn’t experienced through your physical senses.

It’s experienced through the memories they remind you of, the destinations they transport you to, and the journeys they inspire you to take.

The colours, the aromas, the flavors … each is a Spark for your sense of Wonder.

It's why we're passionate about Tea & Spice and why we want to share that experience with you.