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Brief Insights: Kenilworth, Orange Pekoe

Kenilworth Estate is situated close to the town of Ginigathena in the Central Province of Sri Lanka - a part of the Nuwara Eliya district. Fields of the tea estate overlook the 'Kelani Ganga', a raging river, famous for its white water rafting.  

Kenilworth tea is known around the world for its full-bodied liquors and is considered to be the hallmark of Ceylon medium grown teas. The terroir or environment the tea is grown in plays an important role in defining the qualities of the tea leaves an estate can produce. This includes variables like altitude, weather (temperature, rainfall, cloud cover), along with the soil conditions. In the case of Kenilworth, the Estate ranges between 616-640 meter elevation, receives an average rainfall of 4450mm spread over 200 days! This is because of the unique location the Estate finds itself in, a place where both the South West and North East monsoons bring rain.

The Kenilworth Estate produces about 1.7 million pounds of tea each year (that's a lot of leaves!) and employs 930 people. The main factory also buys form over 250 small holders, independent farmers who grow on small plots of land, providing a valuable source of income for independent farmers.

Haven't tried one of our estate teas? Kenilworth is a favorite among our Ceylon drinkers. You can find the flavor profile of this wonderful tea below. If you're still unsure, request a sample in the notes of your next order! 

Cup Characteristics: Malty flavor that is full of life and very smooth. A fine tea for after dinner or in the afternoon.

Kenilworth, Ceylon find it here.

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