Smoked Applewood Sea Salt


Infused with the rich, fragrant flavor of one of the most popular fruitwoods used to smoke foods, our Applewood Smoked Sea Salt has a subtly sweet flavor and mildly smoky aroma.

Applewood Smoked Sea Salt comes from pure Pacific sea salt, slowly smoked over a sweet Applewood fire.

Applewood Smoked Sea Salt has a rich, subtly sweet flavor with an enticingly smoky aroma. A perfect complement to roasted or grilled meats, this crisp finishing salt is infused with the fragrant flavor of smoked applewood, one of the most popular fruitwoods used in smoking. With a lighter, sweeter, less intense flavor than the smoke of other woods like hickory or mesquite, applewood smoke is an ideal flavoring for more delicate proteins like seafood and poultry. Try incorporating this unique salt into dry rubs and seasoning blends, or sprinkle it onto roasted vegetables or freshly popped popcorn for an unexpected kick of rich, smoky flavor.

* Ideal for spice blends, salads, meats, seafood, sauces, soups or as a finishing salt
* Use in vinaigrettes, barbecue sauces and grilling spice rubs
* Sprinkle on hot, buttered popcorn
* Excellent curing or brining salt

Crisp, crunchy, coarse grains
Rich, slightly sweet, smoky flavor and aroma
Flavor pairs well with poultry or seafood 

Ingredients: Smoked Applewood Sea Salt

 Photo: This simple chowder uses our convenient Organic Leek Flakes for color, flavor and texture, while its unique smoky notes are thanks to our Applewood Smoked Sea Salt and a shot of brandy.