Sri Lankan True Cinnamon Ceylon - Organic

60 g

Ground Sri Lankan Cinnamon has the truest of cinnamon flavors, grown to be warm, spicy and sweet.

Ground Sri Lankan Cinnamon is an invaluable culinary staple, derived from the inner bark of a tropical evergreen tree in Sri Lanka and the West Indies. Cinnamon is one of the oldest known spices, mentioned in the Bible and used in ancient Egypt for beverage flavoring and medicine. Its popularity spread to China where it currently is widely produced. While most familiarly used in baked goods, the flavor is also popular in roasting meats, brewing beverages and adding to savory sauce

* Simmer in milk and honey for a delicious warming beverage
* Sauté with lamb, eggplant and raisins for Middle Eastern flavor
* Add to mulled wine or spiced ciders


Photo: Brown sugar is an integral part of cinnamon rolls. Rich and sweet brown sugar mixed with True Ceylon Sri Lankan cinnamon and butter creates the decadent filling in these delicious pastries.

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