Risheehat Estate - 2nd Flush-Darjeeling-Organic

This organically grown tea is from the Risheehat tea garden in Darjeeling. This tea was handpicked during the second flush which gives it a subtle aroma and bright infusion.  Famous for its 2nd flush muscatel flavour and floral-fruity notes.

Risheehat is a well-established tea garden situated on the steep and scenic slopes just outside of the town of Darjeeling in West Bengal. This Estate is known for some of the top grades of Darjeeling teas. Unique soil profiles and elevations ranging from 2500-4800 feet contribute to the characteristics that give this region-specific tea the connotation as the ‘champagne of tea’. 

2nd Flush Darjeeling

Growing Altitudes: 2500-4800 feet
Bright Copper
Flavour Profile:
 Muscatel flavour and floral-fruity notes.

Serving: 1.5 tsp | Temperature: 100 Degrees | Steep Time: 2-3 mins
*Caffeine | *Certified Organic