Gingerbread Spice Tea

Gently spiced, tasting of soft baked ginger cookies, this blend is perfect for a cold winter night. Think of Christmas markets in Hamburg and the aromas, the laughter – the enjoyment. Bright in the cup and brimming with spicy gingerbread notes, this tea will have you saying ja bitte (yes, please) in no time. 

Region: Blended in Canada
Liquor: Red, bright and coppery
Flavour Profile:
 Lusciously ginger  and spicy

Ingredients: Black tea, Green tea, Rooibos, sliced Almond Pieces, Coriander Seeds, Roasted Chicory

Serving: 1-2 tsp |Temperature: 88 Degrees |Steep Time:3-5 mins
*Caffeine |