Pu-erh Scottish Caramel

Dessert in a cup. The earthiness of pu-erh fuses with caramel for a sweetly decadent finish.

Why should you be drinking Pu-Erh? Pu-erh is an aged and fermented tea.
Pu-erh is a fermented tea from China's Yunnan province. For many years it has been prized by practitioners of Chinese Medicine to aid digestion, break down fat in the body, treat arteriosclerosis and more. For a special treat, try pairing it with dim sum, or other Asian themed finger foods.

Luxury Ingredients: Black tea (Pu-Erh style), Almond pieces 
**Allergen Alert - Contains Almonds**

Serving: 1 tsp | Temperature: 100 Degrees | Steep Time: 2-3 mins
*Caffeine |