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Sungma Estate, 1st Flush (Darjeeling)

Sungma Estate, 1st Flush (Darjeeling)

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Sungma Estate, 1st Flush (Darjeeling) hails from West Bengal, India. Teas from this region are typically describe their taste as nutty; others find it reminds them of black currants, but most often it is described as similar to the taste and fragrance of muscat grapes.

Estate teas are one-of-a-kind as their characteristics and qualities are dependent upon the terroir or environment the tea is grown. This includes variables like altitude, weather (temperature, rainfall, cloud cover), along with the soil conditions.

Region: West Bengal, India 

 muscatel, floral, peach, green mangoes

Ingredients: Darjeeling black tea

*Caffeine | *Certified Organic 

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