Tanzania Estate - Organic

Tanzania is a relatively small producer of tea in world terms. The teas produced are somewhat similar to Kenyan teas in that they have malty tending fruity/flavoury characteristics. The production is primarily CTC (cut, torn and curled), which produces a fuller bodied tea but a non-traditional (from a specialty tea perspective) visual appearance. This tea is produced in northern Tanzania close to the Kenyan border and not far from a wild life area called The Ngorongo Crater. The soil conditions and altitude combine to give the tea the flavor notes. It’s an interesting and flavorful tea, which is perfect for afternoon tea or early morning ‘cuppas’.

Region:  Njombe District, Tanzania
Growing Altitudes: 
5500-7500  ft above sea level
Bright, reddish coppery color.
 BP1  CTC ( Broken Pekoe 1)(Cut, Torn, Curled)
Flavour Profile:
 Malty flavor notes reminiscent of a fine Kenyan tea.

Serving: 1.5 tsp |Temperature: 100 Degrees |Steep Time: 2-3 mins