Merkén Chile Blend


Merkén (also known as merquén) is a flavorful, potent blend of aji cacho de cabra (also known as goat’s horn chile) salt, coriander and cumin seeds. Iconic in its native Chile, merkén originated with the cuisine of Chile’s indigenous Mapuche people. Once derided as a symbol of poverty, since the beginning of the 21st century merkén has experienced a resurgence in popularity with professional chefs in and outside of its native Chile. It is often found on the kitchen table, just as pepper might be in North America, and is used to flavor everything from soups to salads to meats and more.

 Bold, pungent and flavorful, merkén imparts incredible flavor and aroma to a wide array of dishes and makes an ideal seasoning for grilled meat.

* Ground to fine powder
* Bold, smoky flavor with a mild heat
* Ready to use
* Blend into ground meat for empanadas, or use as a rub for grilled or roasted meat, fish, or poultry
* Use to season soups, stews and dips
* Use to season roasted or stewed potatoes or vegetables

Photo: Merken is the all-purpose seasoning of Chile. This famous Chilean Merken takes front and center seared onto fatty salmon with sweet balsamic pan sauce. The spicy, smoky Aji Coche de Cabre is the foundation of Merken bolstered with cumin and coriander. We finish with a sprinkle of Fine Arabian Sea salt.